Twin Cities (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

It out-energizes the Energizer Bunny. It spans decades plus genres plus almost defies gravity. Its a hallowed (plus haunting) One-Hit-Wonder which keeps reinventing itself for movie, tv, branding, professional sports, weddings, deejay mixes, karaoke bars — plus untold cover versions, from U2 live to Tex-Mex, Marching Band, Bluegrass, Rock plus more. And found on the 30th anniversary of its launch about plastic, it today has its own iPhone App!

WTF What the Funkytown! based found on the Biggest Hit ever from Minnesotas torrid plus different music scene of the previous 50 years, Funkytown, officially is introduced this month, the same month inside 1980 which Casablanca Records introduced the 45 rpm single within the album, Mouth to Mouth, by Lipps, Inc. (aka Steven Greenberg plus Cynthia Johnson). The disco-era hit went about to top the global charts, from pop to R&B to disco. WTF enables fans worldwide to download the application from iTunes or the favored Funkytown website@ http://www.funkytown.com, plus by spinning their finger found on the WTF disk, they will accelerate or slow down the beats-per-minute (bpm), or scratch found on the famous track like an F-town blend master.

Click found on the The WTF site here.

The infectious tune furthermore is showcased about a downloadable, swinging jazz trio variation, with popular Twin Cities bass player, Gordy Johnson (that equally organized the piece), pianist Donnie LaMarca plus drummer JT Bates, that is keeping proper inside line with all the multitude of versions which have been completed over 3 years inside several designs, from marching band plus bluegrass to rock plus by punk poet Henry Rollins, drag queen Ru Paul plus too countless others to mention here.

Produced by the tunes creator, Greenberg, plus Ten Twenty LLC, WTF is really the newest Funkytown incarnation plus more iPhone apps are found on the technique. This 1 was absolutely called 1 of The 40 ideal branded iPhone music apps of 2013 by the leading digital music company info plus approach firm, Music Ally, that has been providing magazines, contacting, plus analysis to the music plus technologies industries because 2001 plus serves usually because a source for media within the BBC to the Sydney Morning Herald, CNN, the Financial Times, Yahoo, AOL plus others. Music Ally slotted the WTF App at quantity 35, even though the application was quietly established inside early December:

35. What The Funkytown! was unusual, because it was based about a track instead of an artist or label. It became a online scratching application to monkey regarding with Funkytown, speeding it up plus slowing it down, or playing it inside reverse. (App Store link)

Never-Ending Song Then inside Aussie Shakespeare Play plus “The Three Musketeers” Swedish Production

After acquiring its means into over 25 films, 25 TV shows, a lengthy list of commercials, games plus even the NY Yankees 2000 team CD (Vol. 2), the irrepressible Funkytown was showcased inside 2013 inside the contemporary creation of Shakespeares The Taming of the Shrew at the Sydney Opera Home inside Australia as well as the world-renowned Stockholm City Theater manufacturing of The Three Musketeers.

I think the tunes enduring appeal is surreal! and not simply inside English-speaking nations, in places behind the older Iron curtain where hearing to plus having Western pop music was from the law, states Greenberg. I get unsolicited a typical of five calls a week to license it for a range of details as well as the international enthusiast emails regarding the track vary from the hilarious (1 child desired his excellent school re-named following it)to the sad (its been played at a moms funeral..)! Funkytown has proven its resiliency over 25 years to the point where I realized newly it may probably become a legacy which my youngsters will pass about to their youngsters, its crazy! WTF is merely another section inside the never-ending story of the track.

Greenberg is equally the initial musician to re-record the never-ending track to reclaim his copyright whenever copyright law changes inside 2014 (See legal trades information story here).

About Funkytown

Funkytown had available over 10 million duplicates inside 86 nations about the world because its launch 20 years ago inside January 1980. It was recorded at the same studio, Sound 80, where Bob Dylan re-recorded much of his 1975 classic album Blood found on the Tracks, with engineer David Rivkin, that went about to function with Prince, Fine Young Cannibals, Jonny Lang plus others.

It has appeared inside over 25 worldwide films including Shrek 2, Contact, Mel Brooks History of the World plus others, generating gold plus platinum records (again) for soundtracks like Alvin as well as the Chipmunks plus Shrek 2. It has aired inside over 20 TV shows like Oprah, ER, South Park plus Friends, plus has driven big brand commercials for Nissan, FedEx, Frances Areva Energy (where it is actually even the hold music for individuals phoning its business offices),plus additionally served because an sound backdrop throughout broadcasts for the Winter Olympics inside Torino, Italy, plus others. It remains the largest hit inside the Polygram Records catalog plus inside the history of Minnesota music, outselling both Prince, Dylan plus Owl City singles.

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