I am getting a new automobile soon and im questioning if i must wait until the 2014 Mitsubishi cars occur out, does any individual know when they do occur out?

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quite soon…get a new evo!! they r badass

Solution by Jose

Answer by Eddie®
So much, there usually are not any exciting vehicles coming out of the Mitsubishi secure in addition to the Mitsubishi iMIEV, an electrical car. The Lancers are all here, sedans and hatchbacks alike. The Evo X is unchanged but even now packs a great deal of prospective specifically the GSR. The Galant misplaced or is shedding the V6. The Outlander has a modified front fascia that coincides with the Evo theme. It truly is all economy driven. We’ll see what Mitsubishi will come up in the coming North American Automobile Display in Detroit in January, if the organization ever make a decision to take part. They opted not to demonstrate in January of this 12 months. The Eclipse is scheduled to be replaced by an all new Eclipse really shortly. Talks are, it’s going to be like the Notion RA proven in Detroit 2 several years in the past. Tough occasions…