I have to lease a auto inside South Korea for 1 year plus I was thinking how much it is to lease 1 for 1 year. Would it be potential to even rent it for a year?

Additionally, what will be the expense difference between a domestic automobile along with a foreign auto be? As an example, a Hyundai Sonata along with a Lexus IS250?

Answer by Kheph
it’s possibly cheaper to purchase a employed 1…

Answer by KoreaInsider
I might guess, however may be greater to contact several rental guys:



Answer by James
I’ve completed this inside Seoul before. A Hyundai Sonata may run at smallest 750,000 claimed monthly. If you prepay for a complete year they might probably deal the greater deal for we. A Lexus or Beemer will be perfectly over 2,000,000 earned a month. I’ve gotten quotes from Avis, Geumho, plus all different agencies for which.

If you are searching to lease, I might reccommend the Hyundai Avante. It might run about 600,000 claimed a month as well as the fuel mileage is the greatest. Before I qualified to rent a auto inside Korea I rented for regarding 2 years. I need to inform we, it’s quite pricey. And remember the fuel over here is about 1,400 earned per liter today. That double/triple the cost inside the states. I have a 09′ Daewoo Tosca today, plus it costs me about 100,000 claimed to fill it up.

Anyways the positives of renting, is total free A/S. Oil changes, tire changes, etc. They usually call we each 3 months plus send an engineer to choose up the vehicle plus make certain it’s inside running purchase. And you are able to the change the auto anytime we need. Ensure to receive the full coverage insurance plus navagation. Rental offices offer navagation for about 30,000 a month. However try plus receive it for free, they would do it.

However should you merely threw 6,000,000 earned found on the table at a dealership there are a good chosen automobile…I would think which is the greatest for we.

The just method to qualify for a rent is should you are an F2/F4/F5 or D8 visa holder. (Spouse of the Korean, Overseas Korean, or investor) I found all of this out the difficult method before I got the F2 visa. (Renting for 2 years) My auto today is priced at 24,000,000 earned, plus I’m leasing it for just 2 years. That’s the bad of the rent for a non-national inside Korea. I’m paying 1,200,000 a month.