Hi there, I want to deliver a Hyundai diesel automobile down to Barbados when I am transferred there for work needs. But I am type of listening to that it may well not work – the motor is made for lower sulphur fuel while the diesel available in Barbados is the aged design with plenty of sulphur.

Can any individual validate no matter whether this is the case or not? Considerably appreciated!

Answer by Trinity
they need to have each now, but get in touch with the federal government information office to make positive:
Barbados Govt Data Provider
(246) 426-2232
(246) 426-2242

Response by Vybes_Souljah
Fuel firms on the island–

SOL (Regionally based in Barbados – An affiliate of Shell),


SOL claims.


“Diesel (also identified as Automotive Diesel Fuel or Automotive Gas Oil) is a specific function gentle distillate gas for use in substantial-pace diesel engines (i.e. these operating at higher than 800 rpm), in companies involving repeated and reasonably broad versions in loads and speeds. It is employed in automotive (each on and off highway) and industrial apps. Sol marketplaces forty five cetane index, .five% sulphur diesel.

Diesel is the gasoline used by large autos this kind of as vans, buses, 4-wheel drive vehicles and some automobiles.





P.S. Keep in brain if you are importing a automobile it tends to be less expensive to import from Brazil or Japan than from the US, the Federal government will tax you on the worth of your car… As these kinds of, men and women in Barbados are likely not to import cars from the US anymore due to value…. It is not strange to pay out one hundred fifty% of price of the motor vehicle value in Barbados by the time you’re completed… So autos from Brazil or Japan are inclined to value significantly less.