Module on the distributer. Are unable to see how it will come off. 1988 Ford F150 302 V8 automatic 4×4 EFI
Module on distributer, truck turns more than right up until the battery goes dead but wont commence, have been informed this could be the issue but can’t see how it will come off.
1988 Ford F150 302 V8 vehicle EFI 4×4
So just pull it off get some sort of adhesive remover or just throw a match in the fuel tank

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They are caught on with a dielectric adhesive , there was a remember on individuals moduals simply because of failures . Don’t know if you can still get it changed , but check out with a vendor , they might cut you a split .

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Often you will have to take away elements like the ac, and thermostat drinking water neck, out of the way.

You will need to have to mark the distributor foundation and consumption with white-out, disconnect the TFI connector, loosen the distributor and turn it counter clock sensible totally, you should have just enough (restricted) area to get a five/32″ socket (one/4″ travel). It truly is restricted. a couple of tiny extentions and universal knuckles make it simpler. when you get the screws out , the TFI will appear DOWN from the foundation of the distributor. It has 3 connector pins attaching UP into the foundation of the distributor.
Do not overlook to put new Dielectric grease on the back of the TFI. then place it all back collectively and match your distributor marks up just before tighting it down.

It truly is a restricted task to get the left rear screw out. they are little so be patient and don’t above tighten them when replacing them.

This is how I do it on my 1991 F150 with a 5. V8.

If you are eating TFI’s ……….Look driving the batteries appropriate facet…….On the radiator help………There is a couple of black (floor) wires attached to a bolt. Get them free and clean the make contact with surfaces with a wire brush, and re-bolt them back in place. This is the ground wire point to the TFI. It needs to have a very good make contact with, or you will be burning up TFI’s back to back it will look.

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