I think it’s a simple matter of math to decide whether it’s beneficial to save them with our tax dollar or not. I think when the numbers come in, it will prove viable to save GM and Ford, but not Chrysler. (I can’t see how Chrysler is viable at all) Ford is up in quality with Honda now. (and better than the German companies, which most peole don’t know) I mean I know Dan Quayle owns Chrysler, but it really is not one of the “Big 3″ anymore.

Answer by Evil Independent
If the companies are losing billions of dollars, they are not paying any taxes. Income taxes on their employees is it. Why in the hell should we provide tax revenues to companies that don’t pay any?

Answer by Paul Grass
Not enough to justify a big bailout for miss managing a business and unskilled labors who earn $ 72 an hour in wages and benefits which is more than most skilled workers earn. Embarking upon a program of rewarding miss management will destroy the dollar and put more and more people out of work! Recall the big 3′s evil deeds putting alternative energyy car companies out of business? Well screw them and the UAW! I have a small business and 5 employees Iwork hard and make decisions for the betterment of my business and if I fail no one is going to bail me or my employeees out!

Answer by Witchy
If they don’t make a profit, then they don’t pay corporate taxes. They do pay property taxes though.

Filing for bankruptcy would not mean that they will close. Many companies have filed for bankruptcy. Even if they were to scale down, people would still buy cars—only they’d buy cars from successful companies. Those successful companies would get more business and hire more people. Perhaps there would even be a new car company to start up, creating more jobs.