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Ovr 100 classic vehicles plus motorcycles were about show together with 20 modern deluxe vehicles from regional dealerships Carrs Jaguar Land Rover, Threemilestone, Carrs Truro Audi, Carrs Ferrari & Maserati Exeter, Mercedes-Benz of Truro plus Perranwell Garage – Morgan …
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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

Put the pedal to the medal plus quench a need for speed because STA-BIL�, Americas #1 marketing brand of gas stabilizers plus ethanol treatments, releases the STA-BIL Riding the Dream: Ferrari Sweepstakes! Helping create 1 fortunate people ultimate racing dreams come true, STA-BIL is providing away the opportunity for 1 fortunate winner to win a trip to ride shotgun inside a Ferrari racecar with pro racecar driver, Joel Weinberger, at the Autobahn Country Club race track and more.

Weve all enjoyed racecars about tv or within the stands of the stadium, nevertheless its a uncommon chance to observe the track plus speed sitting shotgun next to a professional racecar driver, mentioned Tom Bingham, Director of Marketing for Gold Eagle� Co. Were thrilled to bring this exciting chance to the STA-BIL community plus racecar fanatics everywhere inside a secure, fun plus educational technique.

Hosted found on the STA-BIL Facebook page, fans* will enter the STA-BIL Riding the Dream: Ferrari Sweepstakes** HERE from August 21 for a chance to win the following prizes:

GRAND PRIZE Worth over $ 2,000, 1 fortunate winner might obtain a trip about September 9 to Joliet, IL to have an on-track speed session inside the passenger seat of the Ferrari*** racecar with racecar driver, Joel Weinberger. The winner might moreover reach drive among the Autobahn Performance Fleet cars throughout a lunchtime touring session, enjoy a free lunch inside the members just clubhouse, get the individual tour of Continental Racing trackside garage plus Autobahn Country Club, sit in almost any of the driving training sessions inside the classroom, and as much as $ 1,000 stipend for travel along with a years supply of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer plus STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment.

WEEKLY PRIZES Every week, entrants may have the opportunity to win a STA-BIL prize pack value $ 50.00, including 1 32 oz bottle every of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer plus STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment.


To join inside the excitement about performance car racing, STA-BIL is a sponsor of Continental Racing team founded by pro racer, Joel Weinberger. To provide several insights into the planet of expert racecar driving, Joel share certain distinctive strategies about just what it takes to manage plus master the art of racecar driving.

1. Smooth is rapidly. The more we reduce fat transfer, the less we upset the car balance plus enable the car to take benefit quite hold found on the track.

2. Slow in, quick out. We might make the better laptime in the event you slow the vehicle enough to be capable to apply force early because we leave the corner. If you continue to be correcting the vehicle’s trajectory once you have reached the inside apex, then we have either taken the incorrect line or carried too much speed into the corner. This prevents we from applying the accelerator early to receive a advantageous release onto the upcoming straight.

3. Look means ahead! Don’t look right inside front of the vehicle, nevertheless somewhat look ahead where you need to go. If you are moving at amazing speed, we can’t change what’s appropriate inside front of we. But, should you plan ahead by lookin far ahead, you are able to place the car inside the proper position for what’s coming. As an example, because I enter the braking zone, I am absolutely hunting beyond the inside apex plus by to the leave of the corner.

4. Get Comfortable. Ensure a driving position is comfortable where you are able to totally depress the pedals plus a arms are not too far extended. I like my arms to be at somewhat over a 90 degree angle whenever grasping the wheel at the 10 plus 2 positions (think clock).

5. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t anticipate to be quick inside a initial session, or a tenth. Look for subtle improvements every time out. Start with a secure braking point, take a mental note, plus continue to drive it farther towards the corner inside tiny increments till you’re no longer capable to be smooth by the corner. Should you are fighting to keep the vehicle beneath control when you reach the corner, youre probably entering it too quick plus have to slow down.

6. Utilize graphic cues because much because potential. Look for painted lines, asphalt breaks, brake markers, or additional cues which is selected to create a consistent brake point, turn-in point, leave point throughout every successive lap.

7. Get a device to aid guide a moves. Should you receive a little more severe, buy an inexpensive GPS predictive timer like the AIM Solo. An easy-to-install device like this can provide we instant real-time suggestions when a changes inside racing line plus brake points are assisting or harming the lap occasions.

8. Get a driving teacher when potential. Many motorists will have a tiny ego, ok big ego (me included) plus think they are above-average motorists. Put a delight apart plus understand from somebody with experience inside race driving, plus it may truly repay inside the extended run.

9. Develop on-track awareness. I’ve watched too new motorists with a death-grip found on the wheel plus their blinders about. You have to learn what’s inside the mirrors plus be predictable with a actions. Should you create an unexpected move to receive from the method of a approaching automobile, you’re more probably to result an accident. It is a lot better to provide a well-defined “point by” to allow the quicker car learn which we see him plus that side he could pass.

Visit STA-BIL.com to discover more info on STA-BIL branded goods, or enter the STA-BIL sweepstakes at http://www.facebook.com/STABILbrand.

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For over 80 years, Gold Eagle� Co. has been an industry pioneer inside the creation plus distribution of aftermarket fluids plus additives. We create items which assist maintain, safeguard plus enhance the performance of motors everywhere. We are a leader inside the product development, production, advertising, plus distribution of branded engine performance plus upkeep chemicals. Privately held plus headquartered inside Chicago, Gold Eagle Co. is the maker of leading brands, including STA-BIL� Fuel Stabilizer, HEET� Gas-Line Antifreeze, NO LEAK� Treatments, 104+� Octane Increase, Start The Engines!�, DieselPower!� Diesel Additives, 303� Aerospace Protectant plus 303� Fabric Guard. To see the complete line of Gold Eagle items or understand much more about the Company, please see http://www.goldeagle.com or like the Gold Eagle Co., STA-BIL, Start The Engines! or Engine Answerman pages about Facebook. For product issues, please call you at 800-621-1251 or follow you about Twitter @GoldEagleHelp.

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Must be a U.S. resident 18 years or elder. See official rules for restrictions plus more details.

** See the sweepstakes official rules for eligibility, restrictions plus more details.

*** Should inclement weather happen, a replace vehicle is offered inside area of the Ferrari.

Last I checked….Italy is within Europe, thus why groups like Renault plus McLaren need to do ditch thier tobacco sponsors yet Ferrari will keep Marlboro because theirs? I know which the Marlboro sponsorship is largely subliminal, however it nonetheless going to be there, why alternative groups can’t do which?

Answer by jerry
to much competion

Answer by Eskimo
The big tobacco businesses entered into an global agreement regarding advertising wherein there are certain restrictions because to whenever plus where to advertise. Its like a gentleman’s agreement thus to talk.

In Europe, tobacco advertising is fairly strict (when inside Japan its not or inside China).

As far because I learn, Tobacco sponsorship must have ended inside 2006 (June or July). And from what I heard, Philip Morris absolutely left the global agreement that is why they continue to be authorized to sponsor F1.

Answer by frigon_p
They will keep the sponsor, they’re really not enabled to have the sponsor’s name found on the vehicle. You’ll see which inside Europe plus additional coutries where tobacco sponsoring is banned they have black rectangles rather of the letter MARLBORO. However inside China plus Bahrain it is created.