So what is the quickest least expensive inventory vehicle?

For instance, the Bugatti Veyron is supposedly the quickest auto proper now, but it fees like 2mil to acquire 1. A Corvette C6 has about 400hp, 3 instances much less than the Bugatti, but is also at minimum ten moments less expensive than the Bugatti.

So whats the swiftest most affordable vehicle you can get?

Answer by Demetri
The horsepower cut price of the century is the Shelby GT 500 with an MSRP for $ 54,200 with 662 horsepower at six,five hundred rpm.

Answer by Frosty the redneck
nicely as you can guess its genuinely not all likely to be that low cost, you can save alittle bit of income by performing some function yourself, this kind of as putting in a turbo/tremendous charger yourself, they uselly operate 2-three grand, and setting up a air intake youself and other issues here and there. you could appear at a single the grand activity corvette, alittle cheaper lol or the foundation product corvette, or mabye a mustang gt
heres alittle record that may possibly support you priced-sports activities-vehicles-of-all-time.html

Answer by Justin
A Dodge Neon will do about a hundred and ten-120mph for <$ 2000.
A mid-late 90's Ford Crown Vic or Chevy Caprice with V8 will do 120+mph for $ 2500-$ 5000 depending on year/condition.
Much more money and whole plethora's of options open up. If you really want speed for little $ $ , you need to look at crotch rockets.